New Jersey Plumber Drove To Texas To Help Families With Burst Pipes

In a heartwarming story coming out of Texas, a New Jersey plumber drove down with his family to help fix burst pipes and other damage following the devastating winter storm that hit the state last week.

According to CNN, Andrew Mitchell drove 22 hours with his wife and 2-year-old son to Houston after hearing that area plumbers were overwhelmed. His wife Kisha’s brother, Isaiah Pinnock, who happens to be his apprentice, accompanied the family to Texas.

Pinnock’s sister, who lives in Houston, lined up several jobs ahead of time for them. The group bought all the supplies they could afford before leaving New Jersey and headed down.

 “By the time we got here, there was already about four or five jobs lined up from my sister, and we just hit those first, and then everything after that has really just been referrals from like the initial customers, like their friends and family,” according to Pinnock. “Since we’ve been here, it has really been nonstop.”

Dedrick Dock, one of their customers, told CNN he had reached out to about 15 plumbers before he heard about Mitchell’s company on social media. 

Arriving on Sunday, Mitchell’s Plumbing & Heating has had a full schedule since then. They’ve done about 13 jobs so far and continue to have full days lined up. Originally planning to drive home next week, they now plan on staying an additional two weeks, feeling that they’ve made an impact. 

The Lone Star state was slammed hard with severe winter weather, causing millions to lose power in frigid temperatures. 

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