New Jersey Rapper Talks New Sound & Rise Back To The Top

Fetty Wap’s Return: New Jersey Rapper Talks New Sound & Rise Back To The Top

Fetty Wap is back, and officially preparing for his sophomore album, King Zoo; his first project since his self-titled debut in 2015, which was reportedly “one of hip-hop’s most successful debuts,” according to XXL.

“I’m still breaking out of my shell.” The Trap Queen star said.

Over the past few years, the rapper’s puberty spurt has resurfaced, deepening the tone in his voice, and now he’s anxious to see how his fans will take it.

“It’s getting raspier,” He revealed in an interview with XXL. “I’m really happy with it. It sounds more elevated.”

Fetty fell off the scene in 2016 when his love life and baby mama drama overshadowed his blossoming career. He was a recurring appearance on VH1’s, ”Love & Hip Hop,” which featured 2 out of his six baby mothers, Alexis Skyy in Masika Kalysha. On the show, Fetty chronicled a paternity test for both Masika and Alexis. He was accused of being an absentee dad, and his reputation became an image of messy dealings with women and a baby maker more so than his music career.

But he also dealt with the allegations of bad business on his team’s part, in addition to Fetty Wap‘s run-ins with the law in 2019.

June 2019, TMZ released footage of a woman who accused the star of assaulting her. In the video, she dared him to do it again, before he knocked her phone out of her hand. He was investigated for battery. Just a few months later, he was arrested and detained on three counts of battery for his alleged assault against three security police at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

Now fast forward to 2020, Fetty remains confident and resilient, adding that music will always be in the future.

“It made everything a lot better. It opened my mind. Now, I have a lot more things to talk about. .. No matter what I do, I can’t stop making music.”

October last year, Senior Vice President of A&R and Creative Director at Interscope Records Randall “Sickamore” Medford sent out a Tweet that read, “Predicting Fetty Wap gonna have the biggest comeback of 2020.”

”I get to tell my story,” he said of his return. ”And tell it my way.”

Fetty Wap For XXL Fetty Wap For XXL Fetty Wap For XXL

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