New Lifetime Series, “Hopelessly In Love,” Will Examine the Tumultuous Relationship Of TLC’s Left-Eye And Ex-Football Star Andre Rison

Lifetime is gearing up to examine some of entertainment’s most interesting and controversial couples in new docu-series, ”Hopelessly In Love.” The series will document the highly publicized relationship between late TLC rapper, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Ex-Football star Andre Bison, and other famous couples like Biggie and Faith Evans.

According to Lifetime’s website, the show will feature ”deeply emotional new interviews, and never-before-seen footage, each installment will be an impassioned journey through the intense ups and downs of a whirlwind romance that was lived in the limelight.”

The first episode of the series will focus on Left-Eye and Rison, who met in 1993 in a nightclub.

“I was deeply in love. It was dope,” Rison explains in the trailer for the show. “She came by the house and never left.”

As the story goes, after initially meeting in the club, Rison invited Lopes to his brand new, still unfurnished home. When asked why there was no furniture in the home, Rison allegedly responded, “I was waiting for you.” Soon after, she moved in, marking the beginning of a relationship that would span over a decade until the star’s untimely death in a car wreck while in Honduras in 2002.

Their union was marked by controversy very early on. Six months into the relationship, Rison was arrested after allegedly hitting Lopes. In that incident, Rison allegedly shot a handgun into the air in an attempt to deter bystanders from intervening during the altercation. However, charges were eventually dropped.

Things heated up once more in an act that would be talked about for years to come. In 1994, Lopes was arrested for burning down Rison’s Georgia mansion after accusing the NFL star of cheating. Lopes sought revenge by staying out all night. However, when she returned to their home at 5 AM to find that Rison was not there, she became enraged, setting dozens of his sneakers on fire in their bathtub. The fire became unmanageable, and not long after, the entire mansion was up in flames. Lopes was arrested and ultimately sentenced to five years probation and ordered to complete a drug and alcohol substance abuse program.

Despite their headline-making romance, the couple got engaged and were planning to marry at the time of her death.

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