New Mexico police officer killed

New Mexico Police Officer Killed By Drug Dealer At Traffic Stop

A New Mexico police officer was shot and killed at a traffic stop back in February, and footage from the gruesome murder was recently released. 

On Feb. 4, Darian Jarrott pulled over Omar Felix Cueva, 39; his reasoning being Cueva’s window tinting was too dark. 

When Jarrott asked Cueva, who just so happened to be a drug dealer, he noticed a weapon and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Jarrott proceeded to ask Cueva if he had any weapons on him. This is where a simple traffic stop took an ugly turn. 

According to KFox14, Cueva exited the vehicle with an AR-15 style rifle on him, and TMZ reported Jarrott asked Cueva to take it off him for his safety. 

Without Jarrott noticing, Cueva stepped out of the vehicle holding the rifle, and in the footage, you can hear Jarrott yell, “Oh Sh*t.” These were Jarrott’s last words because shortly after, bullets began flying everywhere. 

“Officer Jarrott ducked and fell onto his back as Cueva ran around the back of the pickup toward officer Jarrott. Cueva fired several more rounds at Jarrott, who was struck by gunfire and killed. As Cueva ran toward the front of the truck on the passenger’s side, he shot Jarrott point-blank in the back of the head,” KFox14 reported. 

Jarrott proceeded to flee the scene, and after a 40-mile chase, police were able to track him down “using a pit maneuver to spin his truck.”

However, Cueva did not surrender easily. According to news outlets, back and forth gunfire between Cueva and the cops took place. Cueva lost his life in the gun battle. 

According to TMZ, Cueva’s criminal history was extensive, and police are currently investigating how he could get his hands on any weapon at all. 

“We appreciate the public’s support during this difficult time,” said Robert Thornton, Chief of the New Mexico State Police. “We will honor Officer Jarrott’s sacrifice by continuing to serve and protect the citizens of New Mexico.”


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