That’s Baller: New Orleans Pelicans’ Zion Williamson Lands Gatorade Endorsement

At just 19 years old, Zion Williamson is making a big name for himself in the world of basketball. As the 2019 number one draft pick, it’s not a surprise to see Williamson offered such a high profile endorsement. Gatorade has been at the center of the sports industry since it originated in the 1960s. The drink was originally developed to hydrate student-athletes at the University of Florida and has become the leading beverage in the sports industry. 

Williamson joins Paul George, Jayson Tatum and Karl-Anthony Towns who also have contracts with Gatorade. Jeff Kearney, the head of sports marketing at Gatorade, said, “Williamson is such a unique talent, and his game is so multidimensional that it is hard to define him right now. We see that in our brand,”. The exact terms of the contract are unknown, but a seven-figure deal is likely. When asked about his thoughts on the contract, Williamson told Forbes, “Gatorade has been in my life and in the locker room throughout my entire life….I like the vision they have for the small things I can do to increase my performance. The smallest things can add up and become something great.”

Zion Williamson for Gatorade
(Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

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