New Orleans Saints' Mark Ingram & Teammates Turned Away from London Nightclub for Being "Too Urban"

New Orleans Saints’ Mark Ingram & Teammates Turned Away from London Nightclub for Being “Too Urban”

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People can get turned away from the club for a number of reasons, including not following the dress code, being too drunk, or acting up in line. Unfortunately, more often than not, the way a person looks is the determining factor in whether or not they are allowed in. According to Saints running back Mark Ingram, “too urban” is now being used as an actual excuse for denying people entry, as this was the case on Monday night when he and his friends tried to go to a popular nightclub in London.

Ingram is currently in the UK with Saints teammates Sterling Moore, Vonn Bell, and BW Webb, as well as a couple of other friends. On Monday night, Ingram and his crew showed up to Cirque le Soir nightclub, where they already had reservations. What happened next is reprehensible, though unfortunately not shocking for many. According to Ingram, he and his friends were referred to as “6 big guys” and told that they were “too urban” to get into the self-proclaimed A-list club. Shocked by what had happened, Ingram posted a picture of him and his friends to his Twitter page with the caption, “Is this what 6 big “too urban” guys look like?!”

While he is disappointed with what happened last night, Ingram says his overall experience in London has nonetheless been a good one and he still has love for the city. Making the best out of a bad situation, Ingram has shared his story on social media and turned #TooUrban into a hashtag that is now being used by Twitter users to troll Cirque le Soir.

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