New Podcast Alert: You Have The Constitutional Right To Use The N-Word, But Should You?

Should every race be allowed to use the n-word? If black people can say it, why can’t everyone else?


On Episode 2 of Baller Alert’s “Hell Yeah We Said It” discussion, we talk about every unbelievable, unthinkable and undesirable thing that happened in the last week. Of course your hosts @eleven8, @stixmalone, @thebsimone2 and @ferrarisimmons start off by discussing the Grammy’s, who wore what, why they wore it, and who should never be invited back ever again because they were an all around hot mess.


We then dive into Valentine’s Day and the most lonely Valentine’s Day post we’ve come across on Instagram (Hint: It came from Bow Wow).



Ferrari offers up some words of advice on social media and why you shouldn’t let it control your life, while Eleven8 dishes on some of the WORST things she’s seen in Baller Alert’s DMs.


Lastly, we talk about Waka Flocka’s feud with a St. Louis radio DJ who referred to him as a “greasy black n*gger,” and what why we think white people want to say the n-word so bad.


Check out Episode 2 of the podcast below.

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