New Reality Show: “Strip Club Queens” (Based on Stadium Nightclub in DC) – Teaser Inside

Looks like King Of Diamonds won’t be the only Reality TV show highlighting the life of exotic dancers. Strip Club Queens is based around the lives of five strippers. They are moms, businesswomen, recovering addicts, students, music artist and aspiring models by day and strippers by night.  Newton Media Group presents Strip Club Queens of DC a new dynamic docu-drama series that strips down the lives of exotic-dancers and provides a teaser into why strippers really dance.  The show delivers an inside look into their lives and the back-stories of each stripper and a glance into the multi-billion dollar strip club industry they operate in. 


Sacrifice, a way out, glamour, stress and gruel are all a part of the life of a stripper. The show follows five (5) dancers and one (1) Cocktail waitress as they work to maintain, increase their popularity to mega stardom in and outside the strip club. A full season will chronicle varying topics ranging from life sacrifice, fast cash, drama, family life, relationships, school and body image. These issues coupled with the casts’ sexiness and heated emotions are the recipe for a great show.

The show will be part of a franchise. There will be Strip Club Queens Atlanta, Miami Houston and Las Vegas. Watch the trailer below.

Will you be tuning in?

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