That's Baller: Rolex Releases its First Titanium Watch That's Waterproof to the Extreme Depth of 36,000 Feet

That’s Baller: Rolex Releases its First Titanium Watch That’s Waterproof to the Extreme Depth of 36,000 Feet

Well, there’s no question whether you can shower with the latest Rolex watch as it’s expected to last in the deep depths of the bottom of the ocean.

The Oyster Perpetual Deep Sea Challenge works exactly as it sounds and can last for hours to a depth of 11,000 meters (36,000 feet). Imagine around seven miles if you don’t understand that far.

On Wednesday, Rolex took to Instagram to introduce the watch to the luxurious family.

“Rolex unveils the Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge. Made of RLX titanium and equipped with the Ringlock system and a helium escape valve, it is guaranteed waterproof to the extreme depth of 11,000m/36,090ft. Reaching the world’s deepest frontier.”

The watch retails for an insane amount, as the brand is known for, $26,000.

Rolex describes the watch as “an intense black dial and large luminescent hour markers. Waterproof to a depth of 11,000 metres (36,090 feet), with a unidirectional 60-minute rotatable bezel, the Deepsea Challenge is an extension of the experimental watch created in 2012 to accompany James Cameron in the Mariana Trench.”

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