New Study Shows that Being “Fat But Fit” Can Still Lead to Health Complications

According to a study published in The European Heart Journal on Monday, individuals who are overweight but fit still are at risk of coronary heart disease.

“Our findings suggest that if a patient is overweight or obese, all efforts should be made to help them get back to a healthy weight, regardless of other factors. Even if their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol appear within the normal range, excess weight is still a risk factor,” said Dr. Camille Lassale, the lead author of the study.

For the study, researchers analyzed thousands of cases of coronary heart disease for more than 12 years in 10 European countries. They found that those who were overweight or obese were at a 25 percent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease, even if they were considered to be “fit” and “healthy”.

According to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News’ chief medical correspondent, the research proves that even if people appear to be healthy, the risk of health complications is still likely if they are obese.

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