New Study Shows a Need for Another Round of Stimulus Payments

Millions of Americans are still facing the financial consequences of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A new study by Capital One Insight Center shows that economic uncertainty is far from over for most. 

Lower earners, defined as households making less than $25,000, remain the most vulnerable. There is a call for another round of stimulus payments, but will they get the help they need? That’s a question for lawmakers.

And middle earners, defined as households making between $25,000 and $100,000, didn’t fare much better. One in five middle earners reported having more debt in the spring of 2021 when compared to before the pandemic. The same number of people said they still worry about how they are going to pay their bills.

Higher earners faired much better during the pandemic. The majority of people in that bracket reported far fewer financial struggles and continued saving money. They were not concerned about debt or paying bills.

Now American’s are calling on lawmakers to send another round of help. A petition was created, nearing almost three million signatures. The petition asks for an immediate round of checks, followed by recurring monthly payments to help keep struggling Americans afloat. 

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