New Addictive Twitter Thread Lets You Make Decisions As Beyoncé’s Personal Assistant: ”Don’t Get Fired”

One super imaginative Twitter user has created an expansive thread where your objective is to survive the first day of being Beyoncé‘s assistant.

Twitter user #CORNYASSBITCH began the thread with the game objective: do not get fired. The thread repeatedly offers two or more choices for a decision, and by quote tweeting themselves, players choose tasks such as Facetiming Jay-Z or staying in a Motel 6 over a suite with The Wests. 

The first question shows how knowledgeable one has to be in order to survive the thread: you need to know whether Beyoncé would prefer granola or a 5-star breakfast the day of a red carpet. If you can’t get that right, you’ll be fired on the spot.

You’ll continue to guide Beyoncé through her day by helping her get dressed, avoiding paparazzi, not getting kidnapped, picking up Solange before going to a certain hotel and avoid her father.

The thread is still growing so if you think you can handle it, head over to Twitter and see how far you ca get before you get fired by Queen Bey.

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