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New Video Footage Shows Police Standing on Sterling Brown’s Ankle While Discussing Possible Backlash from His Arrest

New video footage shows police officers stepping on Milwaukee Bucks player #SterlingBrown’s ankles while he’s sitting on the ground.⠀⠀⠀⠀

On January 26 around 2 a.m., police arrested Brown in the parking lot of a Milwaukee Walgreens. The two officers stopped the basketball player as he was walking out the store to ask him why he parked horizontally across two

handicapped parking spots. The officers tell Brown to back up and one says, “I will do what I want alright? I own this right here.”⠀⠀⠀

The incident escalated when other officers arrived to the scene; one yelled at Brown to remove his hands from his pockets. A fight then broke out and an officer yelled, “Taser, taser, taser!” Brown can then be heard moaning on the ground. Following the scuffle, officers stood around Brown as he was handcuffed. “You’re stepping on my ankle, for what?” Brown says in the video. The officer replies, “So you don’t kick us.” One of the officers asks the ball player if he plays for the Bucks to which Brown says he must look familiar to them. After Brown is taken away in an ambulance, the two officers discuss the issue, worried they may face backlash for their indecent behavior.

“The bureau is coming out for this? … We’re trying to protect ourselves because he plays for the Bucks, and if he makes a complaint, it’s going to be a [expletive] and then any little [expletive] thing that goes wrong is going to be, ‘Ooh, the Milwaukee Police Department is all racist,” the officer says sarcastically.

One of the officers then says, “I need to go on the overtime board if I’m not already,” the unidentified officer says, according to the video. He is then heard singing, “Money, money, money, money, money!”

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