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New York Cleaning Crew Finds Dead Fetus In Toilet Of Plane At LaGuardia Airport

A New York Airport cleaning crew found a dead fetus in the bathroom toilet of an out of service American Airlines plane parked outside of an airport hanger.

According to WNBC News 4, the gruesome discovery was made on Tuesday morning at LaGuardia airport before 7 am onboard American Airlines Flight 1942, which had flown in from Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday night at 10:44 pm.

Sources tell WNBC the fetus “appears” to have been “about 5 to 6 months old.” A medical examiner’s office is expected to conduct an autopsy on Tuesday to determine the official cause of how the fetus died.

The city medical examiner’s office released a statement on Tuesday stating; “The OCME can confirm we’re investigating what we believe to be a human fetus found deceased on an airplane. We will release determination when the investigation is complete.”

In a separate statement an American Airline spokesman stated the airline:

“As we continue to learn more about this tragic and sensitive situation, we are actively cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation. Please contact law enforcement for additional information.”

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