New York School Will Kick Out Two Students Attending Remotely In A Different State

New York School Will Kick Out Two Students Attending Remotely In A Different State

It’s already hard enough for people to make do in these crazy pandemic times, but it’s also crazy that a Central New York district school has decided to kick out two students who are remotely learning from Missouri.

Jeffrey Emmette has a second grader and a fourth grader attending an Auburn city elementary school, both kids have been logging in to their classes from their aunt’s home in Missouri since September, Syracuse News reported.

Auburn’s assistant superintendent over student services sent an email to the children’s father saying the two students “are not entitled to the public schools of the district.” The email also pointed out that Emmette informed the school in August that the children would be back in the district in August after their vacation to Missouri was over. But that changed due to a wedding that was taking place at the end of September.

The school agreed to let the boys continue their studies, but now that the family has yet to return back to New York, and mail sent to the home was returned back to the school, school officials have decided to remove the boys as of October 23.

What helped solidify their decision was the fact that Emmette also told the district that he no longer had a set return date and that he was renting his home out on Airbnb.

“Renting out your home is contrary to an intent to return to Auburn in the near future‚’’ Johnson says in the email Emmette shared with, The Post-Standard.

As for Emmette, he was upset with the decision; shocked, and outraged he claimed. In his defense, he says the weather is not only nice at his aunt’s home in but it is also isolated which makes him and his children safe from the coronavirus.

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