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New York Lawmakers Work To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

New York lawmakers are working to finalize an agreement that would legalize recreational marijuana. The proposal will be included as part of the state budget due on April 1.

“This year, we have to get it done, and getting it done by the time the budget is passed is essential,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said during a news conference. “Cannabis is not just social equity; it’s also revenue for the state.”

The New York Post reports that New Yorkers over the age of 21 would legally be able to buy and possess up to three ounces of weed for personal use. Dispensary sales could begin as early as December 2022. Smokers would be able to grow up to six plants individually, with a max of 12 per household. The only drawback is that growers would have to wait until 18 months after dispensaries open to grow their own plants.

The measures call for a nine percent state tax on retail sales and could generate $300 million in revenue. Towns, cities, and villages can add another four percent tax if they allow local sales and deliveries. 

The Office of Cannabis Management will be created to oversee licenses, retail sales, delivery on on-premise consumption. The agency will be answering to a five-member board. Three of the board members will be gubernatorial appointees, and one each will come from the state Senate and Assembly.

One thing that has not yet been ironed out is how the tax money generated will be divided.


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Erin Boogie is a blogger for and producer/co-host of the weekly radio show In the Field Radio.

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Erin Boogie is a blogger for and producer/co-host of the weekly radio show In the Field Radio.

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