Beginning Next Year, California Police Officers Prohibited from Asking Drivers, 'Do You Know Why I Am Pulling You Over?'

New York Man Used Fake Job Ad To Lure Woman To His Home & Sexual Assault Her

A New York sexual predator lured a woman to his home with a fake help-wanted ad then attacked her with a knife.

Edson Cledion used a fake online name and profile to lure a 32-year-old woman to his Queens Village home for what she believed was a job interview for a cleaning lady position on March 7th. Once the victim arrived, the 30-year-old pretended to show her around the property before pulling a knife on the woman. He then forced her to perform a sex act on him before assaulting her further. When she returned home, she immediately notified the police.

What makes the attack even more disturbing is that Cledion was free on bail for a similar incident last year where he lured a separate woman to his home using an ad for work. Once there, she was also sexually attacked and held at knifepoint before Cledion let her leave.

In both cases, Cledion told the women to listen to his commands, and they would not be killed. DNA from both attacks matched Cledion.

On Thursday, Cledion was hit with a slew of charges, including committing a criminal sex act, sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, menacing and criminal weapons possession. He is due in court next month for the first sexual assault.

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