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New Yorkers Can Now Travel to Washington D.C. By Seaplane In Under 2 Hours [Video]

Travelers can now fly from New York to Washington D.C. via seaplane. The best part? The trip will take a little under two hours.

Tailwind Charters is the mastermind behind the efficient form of getting around the east coast without the hustle and bustle of busy airports or the extended time on a train. The 80 to 90-minute flight on the seaplane is also much more comfortable, carrying up to eight passengers in leather seating and onboard air conditioning.

The Tailwind’s new route retrieves passengers from Midtown Manhattan and drops them off in Washington D.C.’s College Park area, though other destinations have been available from its New York base. Travelers may also fly to Boston Harbor and East Hampton, among other destinations.

For those unfamiliar with Tailwind, the charter company was founded in 2012, utilizing waterways and smaller airports to maneuver around typical air traffic faster and safer. The FAA and DOT licensed company now operates and charters over fifteen jet and turboprop aircrafts based out of Westchester, New York, and Bridgeport, Connecticut. All flights are overseen by two pilots and can land on water or land.

Flights will begin on the new route starting September 13th, and a round trip on a Tailwind can cost you over $700 to travel from N.Y. to D.C. However, if you value comfort over cost, a seaplane is the move for you.

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