Newborn In London Is Now The Youngest Person In The World To Test Positive For Coronavirus

A newborn baby in London has reportedly become the youngest person in the world to test positive for the novel coronavirus.

According to Business Insider, the infant’s mother was rushed to a hospital in London with suspected pneumonia a few days ago.  Upon further examination, it was determined that she was, in fact, positive for the coronavirus, and both mother and child were taken to separate hospitals for further treatment.

According to The Sun, the mother, who did not know she had coronavirus until after giving birth and was transferred to a specialist hospital. The baby was tested within minutes of being born at the hospital and remains there-where she is still receiving treatment.

It’s unclear whether the baby contracted the virus in the womb or during the labor process.

Hospital staff who came into contact with the mother and newborn have been ordered to self-isolate.

“The safety of our patients and staff is our top priority,” North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust said in a statement.

The statement continued, “so in following guidance from Public Health England, we are regularly deep cleaning the areas where the patients are cared for, and staff who were in close contact with these patients were advised to self-isolate.”

Mother holding newborn baby boy

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