Newly Released Bodycam Footage Shows George Floyd Terrified and Pleading For His Life During Arrest

Newly released bodycam footage of George Floyd paints a terrifying image of the man’s final moments before he was brutally murdered by Minnesota police officers. In the footage, Floyd is clearly shaken and fearing for his life as officers confronted him.

The footage shows Floyd pleading for his life as Thomas Lane held a gun to him.

“Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me,” Floyd says before explaining that his mother had recently passed away.

The visibly terrified 46-year-old was then dragged from the driver’s seat as officers yelled at him to stop resisting arrest, proceeding to handcuff him. Once Lane and J. Alexander Kueng walked George across the street and attempted to get him in the back of a police SUV, the situation turned even more violent.

Floyd continues to try reasoning with the officers, pleading that he is not resisting arrest, nor has he done anything wrong. In one the most gut-wrenching moments in the footage, Floyd begins to sob, while explaining to officers that he’s afraid of getting in the back of the SUV due to his claustrophobia. Floyd can be heard saying he’s “going to die in here” as they forced him into the backseat, despite his cries of being anxious and afraid.

This angered the officers who violently struggled with Floyd before he ended up on the pavement with Derek Chauvin’s knee pinned to his neck for nearly nine minutes, ignoring Floyd’s cries that he cannot breathe.

Floyd’s death continues to spark outrage and demonstrations across the world.

George Floyd

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