Newly Released Details Still Leave Questions About Shootout That Wounded Lil Reese

Police released new details that suggest rapper Lil Reese was wounded in a gunfight that broke out after a man tracked his son’s stolen car to a parking garage and tried to confront the people inside.

The incident reportedly began shortly before 10 a.m. on Saturday when the 55-year-old man tracked his son’s stolen car to a Near North Side garage in the first block of West Grand Avenue.

The father was led to the car’s location by using a GPS tracker in the car and on his son’s cellphone, police said.

As the father confronted Lil Reese and the other people in the car on the third level of the garage, another person emerged and began shooting, but police are still saying the shooter’s motive was unclear.

The car crashed as the driver tried to speed off, and the people inside the car exchanged gunfire with the other shooter. Three men were wounded in the shootout, including Lil Reese.

Police said guns were recovered in the stolen car, but no one was in custody.

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