Neyo Denies La Photographer Facet Studios Entry To Supperclub Because of Ex-Client

Apparently LA photographer/ Urban Model Manager Hasan (@facetstudios) was denied entry to Supperclub last night by security because of Neyo.

Hasan posted several videos to his Instagram page regarding him being denied entry. On one post he states:

 “Peoples hashtags be harder than they are.. After talking shit this dude @neyo had his security come up to the club and beg them not to let me in cause his hosting lol”

If you’re wondering why these two would have a reason to beef. Well as we posted earlier this week on model Crystal Renay took to twitter and Instagram stating Neyo is gay. Well according to Neyo, Hasan was behind the whole thing. Case of the bitter ex- manager.

Of course there was a post made to Crystal’s Instagram that has been deleted,

I’m just wondering why she hasn’t changed her passwords and things since all this has started (side eye)

Anywho I’m sure this will be continued and I’m gonna have 10 seats on the front pew to watch

video 1
video 2
video 3

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