NFL to Appeal Deshaun Watson's Six-Game Suspension

NFL to Appeal Deshaun Watson’s Six-Game Suspension

On Wednesday, the NFL announced that they would be appealing Cleveland Brown quarterback Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension for a stricter penalty.

According to reports, players have been notified that the NFL is appealing. The league has three days from the decision to appeal.

“The NFL notified the NFLPA that it will appeal Judge Robinson’s disciplinary decision and filed its brief this afternoon. Commissioner Roger Goodell will determine who will hear the appeal,” the league said.

The league’s decision to appeal on Wednesday was praised by Tony Buzbee, an attorney defending the two dozen massage therapists who have accused Watson of misconduct.

“Bravo to the NFL. It’s never too late to do the right thing,” he said.

The judge found “sufficient circumstantial evidence to support the NFL’s contention” that Watson sought sexual contact with several massage therapists he contacted through social media.
The judge further stated that the quarterback “knew such sexualized contact was unwanted.”
However, she did question the NFL’s decision to bench Watson for the whole 2022 season.
“According to the NFL, if this recommended sentence is unprecedented (as characterized by Mr. Watson and the NFLPA), that is because his conduct is unprecedented,” Robinson added.

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