Nick Cannon Responds to Wendy Williams After Her “Oops Baby” Comment, Posts A Video Of Son Reading At 1 Year Old: “No Oops Over Here”

Wendy Williams holds no bounds when it comes to the disrespect. On the latest episode of The Wendy Show, she asked Nick Cannon how he plans on spending his Christmas holiday this year, to which the Wild’n Out creator said he‘ll be traveling to Haiti to give gifts to children at an orphanage and will also be traveling to see his children and extended family.

Of course, he would be visiting his twins at the home of their mother, #MariahCarey and he will also visit #BrittanyBell to see his third child, Golden. But, as he was explaining, Wendy cut him off and referred the one-year-old as the “oops baby.”

Visibly shocked but taking it humorously, Nick responded, “The disrespect! The ‘oops baby’?” Even the audience reaction was pretty awkward. In turn, Wendy tried to deflect by referring to a prior conversation the to two had about his brief relationship with Bell. 

Although Nick was all laughs and hugs during the taping, he did clap back at Wendy’s comment on his Instagram, sharing a video of Golden effortlessly reading words on flashcards. The caption read, “Got another Genius on my hands!!!! The Golden Child! No oops over here @wendywilliams LOL. My guy is brilliant Reading at the age of 1!! #Genius.”

Everyone loves a good interview, but there should always be a line not to cross. Do you think Wendy was out of line for her statement? How do you think Nick handled it? How would YOU handle it?

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