Nick Cannon Takes Shots At Ariana Grande After Claiming He Told Pete Davidson To Date Older Women:  “Leave Them Little Pop Stars Alone!”

Nick Cannon is taking shots at Ariana Grande and suggests Pete Davidson should try dating older women.

Nick Cannon has fully stepped into his new position as the guest host for “The Wendy Williams Show” while she’s away, and one of his first targets of shade was pop singer Ariana Grande. In the latest episode, Cannon discussed Pete Davidson who is rumored to be dating #KateBeckinsale; in doing so, Cannon revealed that he just spoke to Davidson and suggested he should take up dating older women.

“Last night I was hanging out with my little brother, Pete Davidson. We was in Brooklyn!” Nick shared when discussing his friendship with the “Saturday Night Live” comedian. “We were having some good conversation. We were having cougar conversations.  I taught that young boy well.”

During the “Hot Topics” segment Cannon threw in a few jokes about Davidson, 25, and his new 45-year-old actress boo. “I will take credit for it. I’m the one who told him, ‘Get you an older woman, man!’ I said that. Leave them little pop stars alone!” Nick shared. “An old woman knows what she wants! She don’t play no games! That’s what I’m talking about. Get you somebody older!” He went on to explain the issue with dating a younger woman, saying older women know what they want and referenced Grande’s latest failed “7 Rings” tattoo. “Them little pop stars, they don’t know! They getting Japanese menus tattooed on their backs from the sushi restaurant. I’m joking, but that is Ariana Grande’s hand. I think that’s even after she tried to fix it.”

He added, “That’s some young girl stuff. Older women don’t like tardy barbecues,” Nick joked. “They like chitlins and grits.” Cannon ended up sharing a piece of his personal experience with an older woman and admitted to getting a tattoo of #MariahCarey’s name on his back. “That was for love! That’s love right there,” he shared. “I just added to it. I put some more on there.”

Would you date someone significantly older than you?

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