Nick Cannon Talks ‘Cancel Culture’ Movement After Making Anti-Semitic Comments

It seems like Nick Cannon has learned a memorable lesson after losing his “Wild ‘n Out” hosting gig and now has chosen to embark on his own teaching tirade.

Last month Nick Cannon was let go from the show after he made remarks about the Jewish community, a move that received a lot of backlash, especially from ViacomCBS, who in return, ended their longstanding association with the star. Even his highly anticipated talk show has been put on the shelf until an unknown date in 2021.

The 39-year-old has spent time with a Catholic priest to discuss what is known as “cancel culture”—the withdrawal of support for companies and public figures for something they have done or have said that can be considered offensive. Something Cannon and many other celebrities know all about.

On Thursday, Cannon shared a clip of him saying that “It shouldn’t be cancel culture. It should be counsel culture.” And then listened to the words of activist and priest Michael Pfleger on the subject.

Pfleger told Cannon how important it is to avoid wrapping the truth in love, “When you wrap truth in love, today, you are dangerous, and you are dangerous to the lie that perpetuates,” he told Nick Cannon. “You’re a danger to those who stick in their ground and put their flag down like ‘this is where I stand.'”

Words that Cannon took as wisdom and guidance, but not everyone is feeling it.

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