Nick Young Said He Turned Down A Shot At Rihanna Because He Was With Iggy Azalea

#NickYoung said he tried to get at #Rihanna but missed his shot because of his ex #IggyAzalea.

The Los Angeles Lakers player says he saw Rih at one of his games back in 2014 but decided to stay faithful to his relationship with the pop star. During an interview with the “Certified Buckets” podcast, Young said he was ready to put on a show for Rih Rih. “I had a good game, so [the reporters] asked me why … and I said, you know, Rihanna was there.”

Young says the shout out caught the attention of the Fenty owner, who he claims ended up DM’ing him later that day. The player said he couldn’t go through with the potential fling because he was committed to Azalea. “She hit me back, but I couldn’t go full throttle with it because I was like, in the beginning stages of my relationship with [Iggy].”

The hosts of the podcasts immediately blurted out in confusion. “Wrong one, man,” Sarunas J. Jackson, “You coulda been King of Barbados! You could have been first man of Barbados right now!” Nick replied, “I think I did pretty good, though. It worked out for a little bit.”

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