Nickelodeon Announces New Comedy Series Starring Lay Lay

Alaya High, known as Lay Lay, has a new comedy series coming out on Nickelodeon. “That Girl Lay Lay” will consist of 13 episodes.

“We’re so excited to have That Girl Lay Lay star in a series that just as fierce and funny as she is,” Zach Olin, senior vice president at Live Action and Nickelodeon, said in a statement. “At its heart, the show David A. Arnold created is about staying true to yourself, and with the immensely talented Will Packer producing, we just know that viewers are going to immediately fall in love with this series.”

In the series, High is a phone avatar on a personal affirmation app. High comes to life and helps her best friend Sadie navigate through the world.

“That Girl Lay Lay is a multitalented force of nature destined for mega-stardom. I’m so excited about what she represents as a talented African-American girl with her own platform to showcase her unique abilities,” Will Packer, the show’s producer, said.


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