Nicki Minaj Becomes One Of Diesel’s Models For Anti-Bullying Campaign

Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane will be fighting against bullying in #Diesel’s new fashion campaign.

Cyberbullying has become such a normal behavior that no kid is free from being harassed online. According to, nearly 43 percent of kids have been bullied online, and one in four have had it happen more than once. Diesel wants to bring awareness to the growing issue with their initiative “hate couture.”

As a part of the initiative, the clothing line collaborated with #GucciMane, #NickiMinaj, #BellaThorne, #TommyDorfman, #YooAhin and #JonathanBellini who will wear items from the new line with some highlighting some of the most cruel tweets they’ve received. One of Gucci’s ensembles reads “F**k You, Impostor” while Nicki’s sports her new coined phrase “The Bad Guy.”

But some are not feeling Nicki being a part of the campaign, as it seems lately Nicki hasn’t steered clear from recent drama. Some tweeted, “Nicki as the face of an anti-bullying campaign is ludicrous  and fully heada**ed. Diesel really showing how far away from the pulse they are.”

Whether you’re here for it or not, the campaign brings attention to a serious issue, and proceeds will be donated to anti-bullying programs at its non-for profit organization OTB. Customers will also have the opportunity to customize their own “hate couture” on Oct. 6.

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