Nicki Minaj Fans Drag Claudia Jordan For Comments Regarding Lil Kim Influence; Claudia Responds

Aside from being one of the hardest female MCs in the game, Nicki Minaj has one of the most loyal fanbases: the Barbz. Just earlier this week, Usher was dragged for his comments about Lil Kim paving the way for Nicki Minaj. Now, Claudia Jordan faces the same fate as she chimes in on her beliefs that Kim is the reason for Nicki’s entire flamboyant style.

Claudia Jordan and LisaRaye vs Barbz
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LisaRaye went on record as a guest on Claudia Jordan’s FOX Soul show, Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, to show her support for her friend Lil Kim. Claudia said on the show: “Why are they mad at him for saying Lil Kim paved the way? She did. A lot of things Nicki Minaj did, they are obviously inspired by Lil Kim, and what’s wrong with that?”

Of course, the Barbz were not having it. Social media is no joke, and this issue has escalated into even threats of beating up Claudia’s 69-year-old mother and harassing her 15-year-old niece.

The host took to her 173K followers on Twitter to write, “WOW now the Barbz have gone too far. Threatening to “BEAT HER” my 69-year-old mother & now harassing my 15-year-old niece? At the end of the day, what will this accomplish but keep your karma bad & get you bought up on charges? WE stay protected-KNOW THIS. #OverATalkShowConvo smh.”

One hour later, she followed it up with another tweet: “So yall can justify trying to scare a little 15-year-old black girl- like times ain’t challenging enough without you Barbz being so ridiculous. I hope yall feel good about yourselves. But then again you have to be brainless & soul less to think that is cool or funny. Way to go!”

All Of Us actress LisaRaye did, however, acknowledge that both Kim and Nicki were stars, before calling the Queen Barbie immature. She states, “What is the beef for? She [Kim] is who she is and shining in her light. She is Lil Kim, Queen Bee, for real. Hands down. She came before you … How do you just snub her? Why not collaborate with her and build each other … Be that much bigger and better together. That’s that mentality. That’s so immature.”⠀⠀⠀⠀


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