Nicki Minaj Takes Shots In “Barbie Gon Bad” Remix

Nicki Minaj returned with her Beats 1 Radio show “Queen Radio” on Saturday, and featured two new tracks that had her fans and social media watchers buzzing.  

The first record “Barbie Drip” was a freestyle over Lil Baby and Gunna 2018 hit“Drip Too Hard.” While the second, “Barbie Gon Bad,” was a remix of her ex-Meek Mill’s “Going Bad” track with her “brother,” Drake.

The “Barbie Gon Bad” track quickly garnered the most buzz as Nicki rapped about all her current newsworthy controversies. Nicki bragged about surpassing the late Aretha Franklin’s Billboard record, as well as addressing other artists who attempt to come for her spot on the throne. 

“Imitating Nicki, while your ghostwriter dissin’ me?” she rapped, seemingly coming at Cardi B. 

She also seemed to address a couple of bars at Meek, including a reference to his legal battles that included a line that mentions the Carters. 

“I was in the court no Jays and Beys/Made her change her mind in the judge chambers sleaze.” 

Nicki later made sure to clarify that she meant no disrespect to JAY-Z or Beyonce describing the pair as “two of the most influential people” in her life.

The second jab at Meek included a shot directed at Drake as well, with the lines:

“When you lose the Queen, n*ggas friendly dawg. It was just back to back, just like Wembly dawg. Old boy and my brother tried to end me dog” 

Fans deduced that “old boy” was an obvious reference to Meek and her “brother” was Drizzy, but it’s unclear exactly how the two have colluded to “end her.” 

Nicki also teased fans by hinting that more freestyles are coming and even contemplated dropping one every week until the release of her next album, which she said was ready to go.

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