Nicki Minaj Talks Her $1 Million Ring, Wendy Williams Beef And Gifts Fendi To Her Fans

#NickiMinaj is back with another episode of Queen Radio and she talked about the rumors surrounding her husband #KennethPetty, her new music with #ArianaGrande and called out #WendyWilliams.

Newly Mrs. Onika Maraj-Petty stepped up to the mic for episode 16 of her hit radio show #QueenRadio. In true Nicki fashion, she first addressed her loyal fans and blew kisses to her haters, which made for a smooth transition into her current beef with daytime talk show host #WendyWilliams.

 Williams took several shots at the rapper a couple of weeks back, making Mr. Petty the brunt of her jokes, saying he was previously charged with manslaughter, as well as being a registered sex offender from an incident back when he was a teen. On the show, Nicki referred to Williams as “Mr. Wendy P. Williams,” and expressed the host shouldn’t pass judgment on someone’s marriage being that she is now newly divorced amid rumors that her ex-husband, #KevinHunter, cheated throughout their relationship. Hunter now has a love child with his mistress #SharinaHudson.

“Kevin was knee-deep in another b*tch’s p*ssy,” Nicki exclaimed. The rapper went on to say that Petty was wrongfully accused of sexually assaulting a girl when he was 15. Because Petty couldn’t pay to be bonded out, he took on charges he allegedly did not commit. She also said the girl who accused Petty of the crime wanted to recant her statements but didn’t because she would have been jailed for 90 days. However, Nicki said before she decided to drag her, she supported Williams during her tough time despite Williams continuously insulting her.

The rap star also brought on longtime friend #ArianaGrande to discuss Grande’s new role as the executive producer of the upcoming film “Charlie’s Angels” and their new song “Bad to You” featuring #Normani, which landed on the film’s soundtrack. When talking about Nicki’s haters, Grande said Nicki’s contributions to the music industry speak for itself. “There’s not a person in the world who can question your impact,” Ariana said of Nicki. “Nobody can take that away!”

At the end of the interview, Nicki brought in special guest Tasha K, a well-known journalist, who confirmed that she has pictures of Hunter’s new baby. The rapper also shut down rumors that she paid for her $1 million wedding ring and gifted her fans with Fendi for their support. The 16th episode is now available on Beats 1 Radio. Nicki told her audience that the next episode will hit airways next week, where she plans to discuss more of the Wendy Williams drama.
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