Nicki Minaj’s Mother Gets Tangled Into Rapper’s $53,000 Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj’s $53,000 lawsuit has now been attached to her mother. 

According to documents collected by The Blast, Cahuenga Inc. is requesting that a judge rule their service of Minaj’s mother, Carol Minaj, as valid. The company sued Minaj back in 2017  when Cahuenga Inc. claimed Minaj stepped out of an NBA All-Star weekend deal. The lawsuit says Minaj signed off on a contract in 2011, locking her in to make an appearance and host an event at Siren Studios in Hollywood.

Before the event, Minaj was paid $53,000  and was expected to arrive at midnight and stay until 1:00 AM. However, the company claims the rapper showed up 90 minutes late, at 1:30 AM, and left in less than 30 minutes. The company claims to have “vigorously attempted to serve Defendant Minaj personally” for several months but with no success. Because the Queens artist travels often, the company wasn’t able to deliver the lawsuit to her personally. 

But on October 25, Cahuenga appeared at Minaj’s Baldwin, New York home looking for her and instead met with Carol, who was home at the time. The company ended up serving Carol on behalf of Nicki. The company claims Minaj breach of the deal made them lose out on profits, including the $53,000, which they are suing her for. The original complaint was filed back in 2014, but the process was put on hold due to the company being unable to locate Minaj.

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