Nicole Murphy Says Director Antoine Fuqua Is A Family Friend

Nicole Murphy Says Kiss With Director Antoine Fuqua Was Just “A Friendly Hello” Between Family Friends

Nicole Murphy, reality star and ex-wife to comedian Eddie Murphy, was spotted out in Italy living her best life…but with a “family friend” who also happens to be actress Lela Rochon’s husband. Although they may not have been in a tree but they were definitely K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Director Antoine Fuqua, Rochon’s husband, was receiving a directorial award at the Ischia Global Festival in Italy and spent some of his downtime with Murphy at the pool. However, his wife of 20 years was nowhere in sight during the trip. Nor was she there when the two were caught kissing…twice.

Photos of Fuqua and Murphy hanging out and showing affection quickly surfaced online, and since then, Rochon has quietly removed herself from social media and Murphy disabled the comments on her Instagram.

However, blogger Love B. Scott reportedly reached out to Murphy directly to hear her side of the story, and she replied, “Antoine and I are just family friends. I ran into him in Italy, and we exchanged a friendly hello, and that was it.”

Twitter account “Reality Wives” posted the photos, one showing the “friends” hanging out at a pool and two others showing them kissing, but each in different areas of the same pool area.

Baller Nation, do you kiss your friends when you see them or do you just give them a simple greeting, like a hug or just saying, “Hello”? What do y’all think?

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