Nigerian Media Company Sues Floyd Mayweather For $2 Million Over Failed Appearances

Money Mayweather is going to have to put up $2 million for missing his appearance in Nigeria.

TMZ reports #FloydMayweather was booked by Zinni Media to make five appearances in Nigeria and Ghana in June 2017. He even confirmed the promise in a video saying his fee would be $375,000. Keeping up their end up the bargain, the Nigerian company wired $210,000 in advance, but when the dates came around Mayweather never showed up.


According to, Mayweather’s camp reached out to Zinni Media and asked for the boxer’s appearance to be moved to December, and offered more appearances. The new deal was that the price would be raised to $550,000. Zini Media agreed to the new arrangement and confirmed the fee that was previously wired to the Mayweather would cover the new appearances.


The media company claims that when they asked Mayweather to make a new video with the updated dates he never responded back. Now the company wants to take the matter to court and is demanding $2 million to make amends.

The lawsuit was filed in a federal California court and states Mayweather damaged Zinni Media’s reputation and defrauded them.

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