That's Baller: Nike MAG Back to the Future Sneakers Selling For Nearly $150k

That’s Baller: Nike MAG Back to the Future Sneakers Selling For Nearly $150k

We know that the world of sneaker reselling is a lucrative business, but the price of one exclusive Nike design might be a bit extreme.

The Nike MAG Back to the Future sneaker was initially unveiled in 1989 in the film, “Back to the Future II.” They became an instant sensation but were not for sale. Instead, these shoes were custom created to go along with the film’s futuristic storyline. Following years of demand, Nike finally released 1,500 pairs in 2011 to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Though strictly going on the market for charity, this would become one of Nike’s most popular release events, bringing in $10 million in just ten days. The athletic brand then decided to re-release the shoe in 2016, this time with just 89 pairs worldwide.

While Nike only pumped out a handful of these self-lacing high-top sneakers, StockX has a few pairs available from private sellers. A men’s size 13 is currently listed for $149,940, though bids are being accepted, with the highest one now standing at $42,000. A men’s size 11 is a bit cheaper, listed as $105,000. 

These shoes likely won’t have another official release date in the future, so trying to add them to any shoe collection will come at a hefty price. 

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