Nike Slams StockX, Says Shoe Marketplace Sells Fake Jordans

Nike Slams StockX, Says Shoe Marketplace Sells Fake Jordans

The legal battle between Nike and StockX thickens.

Nike is now claiming StockX sells fake shoes, and they say they have the proof.

The shoemaker says it purchased four pairs of shoes from the sneaker marketplace, and they were not authentic. Nike says, “those four pairs of counterfeit shoes were all purchased within a short two-month period on StockX’s platform, all had affixed to them StockX’s ‘Verified Authentic’ hangtag, and all came with a paper receipt from StockX in the shoe box stating that the condition of the shoes is ‘100% Authentic’.”

The shoes purchased were the “Patent Bred” Air Jordan 1 High OG.

This new filing amends Nike’s original complaint against StockX in a lawsuit the sportswear brand initially filed in February accusing StockX of “blatantly freeriding” the brand’s logo and trademark to market and sell NFTs. According to Bloomberg News, “StockX argued that its NFTs aren’t digital sneakers but simply listings for physical sneakers that are stored in its vault and can be traded by users.”

Nike also expressed concern that their logo-branded NFTs are linked to false shoes and counterfeits. StockX has yet to remove the NFT Nike trademarks from the Vault NFTs.

“Nike is all the more concerned that StockX has linked the infringing Nike-branded NFTs to counterfeit goods and sold those ‘claim tickets’ to fake shoes at heavily-inflated prices to consumers who had no opportunity to inspect the shoes before reselling the NFT to another unsuspecting consumer,” the updated complaint says.

NFTs have risen to popularity as the new way of doing business.

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