Nipsey Hussle’s ‘The Marathon’ Live Album Experience On YouTube Live

Nipsey Hussle’s Estate has finally announced the details of The Marathon live album experience after the teaser that took place in December last year.

According to sources, you will be able to watch the virtual experience on YouTube Live on Feb. 5

Oki Doki’s animation studio posted on Instagram, “Celebrating the life of an incredible human, the Marathon Mixtape and the first week of #BlackHistoryYear,” while posting a clip of a speeding car with “Love?” playing in the background.

The live album experience was originally announced on the 10th anniversary of The Marathon, promising an “intimate look at the era that helped shape this masterpiece. The people, the places, the stories, and more.”

“Today marks 10 years since the release of #TheMarathon. A project our team holds near and dear to our hearts for many reasons,” The Marathon Clothing group wrote on Instagram. “It represents the story of Nipsey’s resilience and unwavering faith in his mission and the authenticity and honesty in his message. It also was the first seed planted in the Marathon brand that gave fruit to many other branches that Nipsey architected, as only he could do.”


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