Nipsey Hussle’s Brother and Mother Join Rapper’s Sister In Custody Battle Over Nipsey’s Daughter

Nipsey Hussle’s brother and mother have filed documents for co-guardianship of the late rapper’s daughter. 

Baller Alert previously reported that Nipsey’s sister Samantha Smith filed for guardianship over Nipsey’s 10-year-old daughter Emani back in May. But now, Smith has filed for an amended petition. The documents state that at the recommendation of an attorney, they are requesting that Emani’s uncle, Samiel Asghedom (known as Blacc Sam), and Emani’s grandmother, Angelique Smith, “be appointed as co-guardians with Samantha Smith,” according to The Blast.

The three state that they have been a “constant and strong presence in Emani’s life. They have participated in her care and upbringing since her birth. Since the unfortunate murder of Emani’s father in March 2019, Samiel and Angelique have assisted in providing care for Emani.”

The petition goes on to state, “The request to appoint Samiel and Angelique as co-guardians is, per the recommendation of Minor’s Counsel, a form of ‘insurance policy’ so that should anything happen to one of Emani’s guardians, other guardians are already in place to continue in providing for Emani’s care without having to return to Court.”

Emani’s mother, Tanisha Foster, is also fighting for custody of the child. Foster has been coming to court to defend her rights as Emani’s parent. Foster has objected Smith’s filing and asked the court to be named guardian over Emani.

Foster stated that she is Emani Asghedom’s mother and believes the “Law and Policy of this state favors the protection of the rights of natural parents and their children. The objector has statutory priority over petitioner.” Foster claims that Emani was visiting Nipsey the day he was murdered, saying Smith “unlawfully took the minor and as of this date, despite objectors demand, refused to return the minor to Objector.” Foster believes that “the best interests” of Emani are not being served by Smith’s “act of removing the minor from her mother’s custody; and by refusing contact between minor and mother.”

The decisions regarding Emani and Nipsey’s assets come as Nipsey did not draw out a will prior to his death. The Crips gang has also recently apologized to Nipsey and his family for its attempt to trademark the rapper’s popular slogan “#TheMarathonContinues. 

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