Nipsey Hussle’s “Mailbox Money” Doesn’t Disappoint : Album Review by: @niksofly

Saying you have dope music and you are the hottest out is one thing. Actually believing that your musical product is dope is another. Mr. Crenshaw himself, Nipsey Hussle, is the latter. Using the #Proud2Pay campaign once again, Hussle demonstrates confidence in his work.  Mailbox Money is the type of mixtape that you play from beginning to end. You do not want to miss a single bar or word. Whether you are cruising the streets of your city or allowing its essence to play through your home sound system, one thing is for sure, you give Hussle your undivided attention. Balancing his west coast sound with progression, Hussle gives us raw talent as he discusses his solidification in this era.


“Killa” is a soothing introduction with a certain kind of potency that prepares the listener for Mailbox Money. Assured, Hussle confidently delivers on  “A Hunnit A Show”  and “That’s How I Knew” where  he weighs in on his journey to success. With tracks such as “A Miracle” listeners are reminded of his humble beginnings. “50 N!ggaz” fuses Outkast’s “Jazzy Belle” with glooming piano keys to shine light on a social issue. “Count That Loot Up” delicately uses Mary’s J. Blige’s  “ I Don’t Want To Do Anything”. It is the perfect blend of a feel good beat and honest lyrics. “Between Us” is  a song where his female listeners may find refuge. “No N!gga Like Me” meshes the southern flow of Trae The Truth with Hussle’s west coast cadence. Captivating the listener as the beat slowly merges with the lyrics, “Stay Loyal” is the anthem to those that never waiver from those they ride with. “Real N!gga Moves” is catchy. The old school feel is car system-approved. The vocals on the hook itself is an acquired taste, but the song is solid non the less. ”Where Yo Money At” and “Only A Case” are the songs for those looking true west coast sound.

There isn’t a song that doesn’t deliver. This is a body of work that shows growth and dedication to perfecting the craft. Mailbox Money is definitely a great  way to start the new year off with music. It is the perfect set-up to precede Victory Lap. I was #Proud2Pay that iTunes fee to support great artistry and music! Check it out!





-Niko Rose

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