Edward Cagney Mathews
Edward Cagney Mathews

NJ Community Protested A Man For Racist Rant Against Neighbors, He Has Been Charged And Is Now In Custody

A large group of residents from a New Jersey neighborhood of Mount Laurel banded together to bring attention to a man named Edward Cagney Mathews, 45, who has terrorized Black neighbors.

They protested in front of Mathews’ home after an inhumane confrontation between Mathews, and the victims was recorded on video and posted to Facebook. The video has since gone viral, and as of Monday, the video has amassed around 43,000 views and more than 2,300 comments.

The incident that was caught on camera happened on the 3800 block of Gramercy Way on Friday around 7:50 p.maccording to CBS3.

Neighbors reportedly revealed to CBS3’s Alexandria Hoff that most confrontations involving Mathews have been with Black residents and include interracial couples, Indian residents, and even the elderly. They said the harassment has been going on for years.


Officials said the social media video caught him “shouting offensive and racial slurs.”

“The Mount Laurel Police Department does not tolerate hate or bias intimidation in any form,” the department wrote in their release Monday afternoon. “This type of behavior is totally unacceptable. We can assure our residents that incidents like this are thoroughly investigated and that those who commit such offenses will be held accountable for their actions.”

At a press conference shortly before 9 p.m. Monday, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina discussed the additional charges against Mathews and commended the victim who was most targeted by Mathews in the video.

“He showed incredible restraint with someone spewing awful, vile things in his face and assaulting him,” Coffina said. “He didn’t deserve that. None of the residents deserve that. No one should ever feel unsafe in their home.”

Protesters crowded outside Mathews’ condo in the Essex Place Condominiums development Monday for hours, shouting for him to come out and reportedly verbally confronting the police officers who were standing outside his door. The tense scene erupted when police went into Mathews’ home and escorted him out and into a police car following the filing of the new charge.

The crowds surrounding him cheered and yelled, throwing plastic water and juice bottles at Mathews as he walked to the vehicle. Police Chief Steve Riedener said at a press conference Monday night that officers were also pelted with the bottles, and some were hit by pepper spray from some protesters.


The department said they are also investigating “other incidents” involving Mathews and is asking for anyone with information to call (856) 234-8300 or the confidential tip line (856) 234-1414 Ext. 1599.

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