NJ Police Chief Who Asked to Sleep With Officer’s Wife and Daughter Faces Demotion

A hearing officer ruled a New Jersey police chief who offered to promote an officer in exchange for sleeping with his wife and daughter should be demoted.

Vineland Chief of Police Rudolph Beu, 60, was found guilty of neglect of duty, insubordination, failure to perform duties, and conduct unbecoming a public employee during his hearing last week.

The city pushed for Beu to be suspended 180 days without pay. But retired Judge Raymond A. Batten, who presided over the hearing, only recommended he be demoted. The chief had already been suspended, but with pay, since February 26, 2020.

“Beu readily rises to the level of failure to perform duties, insubordination, conduct unbecoming a public employee, neglect of duty, and other sufficient cause, all as contemplated by (state law),” Batten wrote.

Additionally, Beu failed to recuse himself when disciplining an officer who is the father of his grandchild. The officer violated policies and procedures during a burglary arrest.

Beu also refused to turn over at least 19 internal affairs filed to city attorneys, according to the hearing officer.

“Demotion of Chief Beu to Deputy Chief is both well-measured and warranted,” Batten wrote.

Beu filed a lawsuit against Vineland last year, alleging defamation, civil conspiracy, and rights violations. A judge dismissed the defamation part of his suit in March but left the defamation allegations. A trial has not yet been set. 


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