No Need To Wait Until 2019 To Avoid Negativity or Make Changes, Start Now

Every year, many of us come up with a New Year’s Resolution for a chance to “be better” in the new year. 

New Year’s Resolutions consist of cutting negative people out of your life, working out more, or other simple life changes. But why do we wait until a new year approaches to make a change? 

Throughout the year, we deal with all kinds of people, from liars, manipulators, cheaters, and just negative people. But, why are we keeping these people around? Why do we have to wait for the new year to cut people out of our lives? 

The longer we keep these negative people in our lives, the more draining it becomes. The moment you realize the company you keep, make your changes. Don’t give these negative Nancy’s the opportunity to throw their toxic habits or behaviors your way. Drop them NOW!

You want to lose weight or change your eating habits, why wait? Make the change now! 

Life is too short and tomorrow isn’t promised, so let’s not wait to make improvements. Let’s start today! 

Let’s say goodbye to the excessive weight, the bad eating habits, procrastinating on dreams, the liars, the messy people, those that only call when they need something, and etc. 

Start fresh today and let’s treat every day like it’s a New Year.

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Peachkyss is the Fashion Writer and Content Curator for Baller Alert, who keeps reader up-to-date on the latest trends, the latest luxury brand collections, and how to "ball" on a budget.  Peachkyss has her Bachelors in Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics from Norfolk State University and Masters in Middle Grades Mathematics from Walden University.  Have a question about what your favorite celeb is wearing or fashion advice, email me at [email protected] "Style is a way to say who are you are without having to speak."

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