Nokia Re-Releasing Classic “Brick Phone” for 20th Anniversary, Comes with Fan-Favorite Mobile Game Snake and Weeks-Long Battery Life

Nokia celebrates the 20th anniversary of its classic mobile 6310 “brick” phone by re-releasing an updated version.

The phone, which debuted in 2001, became famous for its fantastic battery life. The original could go up to 22 days between charges if left on standby.

HMD Global, the designers of Nokia phones, has confirmed that the new device will have the same iconic silhouette of the original classic 6310 and will include its trademark battery life.

The phone will come with a copy of the 90s classic mobile game Snake and the same sturdy design that earned it its nickname, “the brick,” but it will include some sleek updates like a larger 2.8 inch 320×240 pixel screen compared to the 1.8 inch 120×160 pixel screen found on the original.

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