New Orleans Police Department Arrested Two People For Theft Of Jefferson Davis’ Chair From An Alabama Cemetary

Two people have been arrested in connection with a chair’s theft that belonged to Jefferson Davis from an Alabama cemetery. Davis was the president of the Confederate States during its existence from 1861 to 1865.

According to CNN, New Orleans Police Department said that Stanley Warnick and Kathryn Diionno were arrested in a news release. They were charged with possession of the stolen property in New Orleans. The department also wants a third person in connection with the theft.

The concrete chair disappeared from the Old Live Oak Cemetary in Selma, Alabama, back in March. In Alabama, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office asked the NOPD to help recover the chair, estimated to be worth about $500,000. NOPD received a tip about the chair’s whereabouts, and it was located on Thursday.

Warnick and Diionno are currently free on bail. In a statement to CNN, their attorney’s maintained they are not connected to the crime.

“They are small business owners and community members. They are, if anything, themselves victims of mistakes of fact that have led to this unfortunate situation,” the attorneys said in a joint statement. “They look forward to clearing their names and disassociating their names from any criminal activity.”

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