Not Another Wives Show: Are You Ready For Hollywood Exes?

I saw the trailer for this the other day and the first thing I could think of is how much tea will be spilled! This seems very different from the Wives shows. It seems as if they get a little more freedom to speak and they’re definitely not Z list celebrity exes in the least. This could be good! 



Hollywood Exes, a new reality show from Vh1, will premiere Wednesday  June 27, at 10pm EST/9 pm CST. The show features exes of some very famous men, all of whom are in very different places of life with their exes. These women are not new acquaintances either—some have known each other even before their high-profile marriages. The show stars Mayte Garcia (Prince’s ex-wife), Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife), Sheree Flether (Will Smith’s ex-wife), Jessica Canseco (Jose Canseco’s ex-wife), and Andrea Kelly (R. Kelly’s ex-wife).


Meet The Cast:

Mayte Garcia: Mayte has remained unmarried since her divorce from Prince. She was once engaged to Tommy Lee and ended her engagement with Tommy Lee due to his desire to not have any more children. She lives with her Puerto Rican mother, 7 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 birds—and she desperately wants to add a baby to the mix. Mayte is an actress, dancer, and was once a judge on the reality TV show, Dance Your Ass Off.

Nicole Murphy:Nicole was married to Eddie Murphy for 13 years and has 5 children. Currently engaged to a retired professional football player, Michael Strahan, and with 2 grown children, Nicole is ready to start focusing on herself more and restarting her modeling career.


Sheree Fletcher:Sheree and Will Smith have a son who has recently turned 18, and the child support checks have stopped coming in. Life might be a little less “cushy” than she’s accustomed to, but she’s happily remarried to former professional football player-turned-pastor Terrell Fletcher (he heads a Interfaith Christian ministry, and Sheree is proud to be the First Lady).


Jessica Canseco: Newly single, Jessica Canseco is ready to mingle! Jessica is busy running her cosmetic and medical tattooing business in Beverly Hills and raising her 15-year-old daughter with Jose. She is adapting on how to play more of the ”mom” role and less of the “best friend” role to her teenage daughter.


Andrea Kelly: A classically trained dancer, Andrea was once R. Kelly’s choreographer and a prominently featured dancer. Out of all the ladies, she is the freshest out of her relationship. She still feels emotionally raw from her divorce, but she is ready to move on with her life and begin the next phase.



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What do you think of the exes of Hollywood Exes? Will you be watching this latest series from Vh1?

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