Notorious Indian Gangster Gunned Down By Rival Gang Members Disguised As Lawyers

The Indian gangster, Jitender Gogi was gunned down today at a court hearing involving a murder case by his rival gang, who disguised themselves as lawyers.

The hitmen were waiting outside of the courthouse for Jitender. And within minutes of his arrival, the gunmen whipped out guns and opened fire on the mobster. Jitender was hit up to six times and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The hitmen were killed by armed police officers but not before assassinating Jitender first. The authorities have not released the names of the two gunmen but say they are members of Jitender’s rival gang.

Jitender Gogi’s criminal career as a well-known mobster wasn’t expected, seeing as he was a student at Delhi University and known as a “bright and promising student.” However, Gogi’s life turned to crime after his dad passed away in 2010. During that same year, a rivalry was sparked between Gogi and a classmate.

For the last decade, Jitender and his gang have been at war with Tajpuria and his gang, Tillu. The 10-year rivalry comes after Jitender witnessed Tajpuria and his friends beat up his friend during an election.

During the last six years, ten members of both gangs have been killed while others survived assassination attempts. Authorities say the two gang leaders often had disagreements over politics.

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