“Numerous” Persons Of Interest Identified In Murder Of Barry Sherman And His Wife

Toronto police say they have identified “numerous” persons of interest in the murders of a Canadian billionaire and his wife nearly three years ago.

According to the NY Post, Barry Sherman, the founder of a Canadian Drug company “Apotex,” and his wife Honey were found dead in their Toronto mansion, hanging by belts from a railing that surrounded their indoor pool on Dec. 15, 2017.

This week Det. Sgt Brandon Price issued a brief clarification to reporters, after reports surfaced that the police had found a single person of interest in the case, it turns out there are “numerous” persons of interest.

“Numerous ‘persons of interest’ have been, and continue to be, investigated throughout the course of this three-year investigation,” Price said. “The goal of any investigation is to identify persons who may have been involved in an offense or to exclude them as suspects.” He said although he did not identify any specific individuals in the statement.

Police had originally theorized the elderly couple’s death was a murder-suicide, but the Sherman family remained adamant that it was not. The Shermans’ children believed they were murdered and hired a team of investigators, who conducted second autopsies and a separate investigation, causing the Police to eventually agree with their finding and change their investigation to a suspected homicide.

Barry and Honey Sherman

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