NYC Sheriffs Shut Down Illegal Underground Swingers Club With More Than 80 People In Attendance

New York City sheriffs shut down an illegal swingers club in Queens early Sunday morning, where officers found more than 80 people in attendance.

The New York Post reports that officials responded to a 311 complaint at 12:05 a.m. and found people unlawfully drinking, eating from a buffet, and having sex. Most of the patrons in attendance were not wearing masks. According to the Sheriff’s office, boxes of condoms were provided to partygoers, and three couples were engaged in sex in a small back room.

The host, Caligula New York, has billed itself as the “Hottest Swingers Club in New York.” Organizers were ticketed for violating pandemic rules and selling liquor without a license. The city has placed a maximum of 25 people on gatherings in yellow zones to help contain the spread of coronavirus. 

The business manager was slapped with a $16,000 fine for violating an emergency measure, violating an executive order, and illegally storing and selling alcohol.

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