NYPD Officer Suspended For Saying “Trump 2020” Over The Patrol Car

NYPD Officer Suspended Without Pay For Saying “Trump 2020” Over The Patrol Car Loud Speaker

A New York City police officer has been suspended without pay after videos shared over social media on Saturday night appeared to show him using his patrol cars loudspeaker to promote “Trump 2020.”

According to NBC News, NYPD News’ official Twitter account shared a video posted of the incident and said that the Brooklyn South Investigation Unit was investigating the matter. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea also called the incident “one hundred percent unacceptable.”

“Law Enforcement must remain apolitical, it is essential in our role to serve ALL New Yorkers regardless of any political beliefs,” Shea tweeted.

On Sunday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also posted a comment on the incident via his Twitter account, “Let me be clear: ANY NYPD Officer pushing ANY political agenda while on duty will face consequences,” de Blasio said. “We will act fast here, and this will not be tolerated.”

Endorsing a political candidate or sharing personal views while in uniform or on duty is very clearly outlined as prohibited conduct in the NYPD patrol guide.

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